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At Pegasus Equine Marketing and Design, we do not believe in the adage of throwing something against the wall and seeing what sticks.  Everything we do from a marketing and advertising standpoint must make sense.  One of our biggest strengths is market research.  Through primary and secondary research we identify each target market, their demographics, psychographics, habits, thoughts, etc. to determine the best communication strategy to reach them effectively, efficiently and economically.  Over the years we have developed a gut feeling of what works and doesn’t, but we back this gut up through proper research and due diligence.

This same philosophy applies to advertising mediums.  We won’t recommend a communication medium based on personal relationships, past work experiences or financial pressures.  We work with you and give recommendations based on statistical analysis of each medium.  For one client a very public campaign may be necessary utilizing print advertising, out-of-home, broadcast and more.  This may not be the best strategy for other clients who would be best served through direct mail, one-on-one communication or specialized e-mail marketing campaigns.  Bottom line not every businesses’ needs are the same.  We identify what the best strategy would be and the best way to execute that strategy.

Whether your needs are television and radio, print, direct mail, brand identity, billboard, website, social media, direct sales, or in-house, our experiences in both the advertising agency world and the equine industry provide a combination that sets your business up for success.

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